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February in Tinnock

February seems to have snuck past us here in Tinnock.

With the unseasonably warm weather, we spent most of the month outside getting on top of our spring jobs. The potatoes and onions are in the ground, edges have been cut and everything composted and mulched. We had our first bbq of the year (bbq potato chips are a weakness) to celebrate the weather, and Lily set up a desk outside to do her homework so she could soak up every moment of sunshine!

Our candles and soaps are flying out and our wonderful stockists received their last orders for a month, and our shop closed, as we are heading off to Australia for the month! We are leaving Trev and Woods to  hold the fort here while we are gone. Expect to see lots of pictures of sunny Queensland and my beautiful family.

The best of February Masses of blooming daffodils. birds chirping loudly, pink and lilac sunsets, carpets of crocus, open windows, raindrops on the roof, coppicing hazel, the slow stretch in the days, honeysuckle vines coming…

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