Sunday, 4 August 2019

Hay Day

One of the most fun but exhausting days on the farm, baling the hay for the year.
The chugs of the tractor, the chirp of the swallows swooping over the field, and the girls laughing was the soundtrack to the day. When it was over, we sat and watched the golden light over the house. We were tired to our bones, but happy in our peaceful little farm.
Things to note:  the dust smoking off the hay, the suns golden light, the smell of crisp green hay, the gentle pace of the tractor, the pull of the twine, the heat of the day, and the stubble of the mowed field.
Love Kirsten

Friday, 26 April 2019

April in Tinnock

April has almost come to a close and it is leaving the door wide open for summer.
Our little cherry trees are growing hardier every year, and every year, I forget how beautiful their blooms are. They bring such a pop of colour around the village, only lasting a few weeks, when their petals start falling down like confetti in the breeze.

We welcomed some new chickens to the farm, as well as some bantams for the girls. Chickens are such happy, characterful little creatures and it doesn't feel like home without seeing the girls pecking away around the place.

Bluebell season is well underway and it is a bumper year for them! There are bluebells flowering over ever ditch, alongside every stream, and especially our forest. There is nothing quite like walking though these dainty, bold flowers, bowing their heads with the weight of their little bells. Their smell is do deep, woody and calming, it is a joy to sit in the forest and listen to the water flowing and watch the wind shake the flowers.
An exciting addition to Tinnock was delivered during the week by Mike.  In his own words -
"I realised that we needed to re-evaluate our relationship with bees and the environment by putting their needs first. I created the Let it Beehive to allow bees to do what bees do best for the last 70 million years, to live a natural life cycle and thrive with minimal interference."
Mike kindly spoke to Lily for an hour, explaining all about wild honey bees and their immense impact on our world. She is so excited about her hive and is eagerly checking for signs of bees every day.
You can find more information at
The vegetable patch is planted out, the early potatoes are bursting out of the ground, the seeds are sprouting and the herbs are flourishing with the heat and gentle showers. We grow what we enjoy eating and are slowly growing more every year to get us through until the next season. We opened our last jar of pickled beetroots the week, so we are desperate for this season's crop to flourish! We intersperse our vegetable crops with edible flowers, which we use for salads and also to encourage pollinators. 

The best of April:
Gentle showers, naps in the sunshine, seedling bursting from trays, bluebells lining the creeks, waking up with the birds singing, the smell of cut grass, orchards bursting with blooms, wildflowers peeking out through ditches, hands in the ground planting seeds, Orange Tip Butterflies feeding from dandelions, and the gentleness of spring in the air.
All my love, 

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Australian Holiday

However much you enjoy travelling, there is never anything as good as a sleep in your own bed, is there? We landed safe and sound in Dublin yesterday (where I certainly did NOT cry like a baby when I was safely in Trev's arms) and drove the few hours home to Tinnock. There are big fat clumps of yellow daffodils down the field, the buds on the fruit trees are close to bursting open, the grass is lush and so thick, and the pots are full of bright tulips. It is so good to be home. 

But this post is about Australia, so I will stop waxing lyrical about Tinnock now and get down to it! 
We arrived to the sticky heat of a 30 degree Brisbane night and made our way to the Brisbane north coast suburb of Redcliffe to my parents place. Waking up to gentle waves, strong heat, and loud bird calls were surreal but wonderful, and we walked down to the beach to put our feet in the South Pacific Ocean and run up and down the beach looking for treasure in the form of shells and colourful sea glass. 
The first few days were spent alternating between dozing off spontaneously and being so full of energy and ready for adventure. We caught up with many relatives, walked down the road to the local markets where Lily convinced me to buy more pineapples then were necessary, and swam everyday. 

When we were up to it, Mum, the girls and I drove up to one of the most beautiful places in South East Queensland, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We had a beautiful day wandering the towns of Montville and Maleny and I convinced my mum to pull over several times to take pictures of the passing scenery. I drank way to much iced coffee, the girls were spoilt by their Nan, we visited some awesome local craft and antique shops, and enjoyed being among open rolling hills. 

My beautiful niece Evelyn celebrate her birthday twice while we were there. For the first little party we made a little cake, which Evie promptly ignored in favour of eating her body weight in watermelon, then went for a swim in her pool while my Brother in law Chris made us an award winning BBQ dinner. The second party was a trip around Australia Zoo. We packed our bags and set off early that morning, each with a different animal we were excited to see. We watched the crocodile show, saw all sorts of animals, patted some kangaroos, wallabies and koalas, and watched the kids as they met each animal with excitement and fascination. Lily's favourite were the giraffes and snakes, Mae enjoyed the koalas and meerkats, and I waited impatiently until we finally saw some wombats. Evie's tiny little 2 year old legs stubbornly walked her the whole way around the zoo and all three girls slept the way home after a wonderful day together.

Monday, 4 March 2019

February in Tinnock

February seems to have snuck past us here in Tinnock.

With the unseasonably warm weather, we spent most of the month outside getting on top of our spring jobs. The potatoes and onions are in the ground, edges have been cut and everything composted and mulched. We had our first bbq of the year (bbq potato chips are a weakness) to celebrate the weather, and Lily set up a desk outside to do her homework so she could soak up every moment of sunshine!

Our candles and soaps are flying out and our wonderful stockists received their last orders for a month, and our shop closed, as we are heading off to Australia for the month!
We are leaving Trev and Woods to  hold the fort here while we are gone. Expect to see lots of pictures of sunny Queensland and my beautiful family.

The best of February
Masses of blooming daffodils. birds chirping loudly, pink and lilac sunsets, carpets of crocus, open windows, raindrops on the roof, coppicing hazel, the slow stretch in the days, honeysuckle vines coming to leaf, and people exclaiming 'tis a grand day'.
All my love, 

Sunday, 20 January 2019

January in Tinnock

January has been a gentle, quiet month in Tinnock.
Although the weather has been exceptionally mild, it's short, grey days make January a difficult month.
Just when the grey becomes too much, though, the Hellebores and Snowdrops pop up to remind you of the joys of the year to come.

In our garden, the leeks and a few hardy herbs are still growing, and we are picking as needed. As much as we are restless to be outdoors, there is little to do besides tidying up and planning for the upcoming spring.

Hazel the cat, seems to be spending her days curled into a ball in front of the cooker, only venturing out for some food and the occasional hunt. Woods is his usual happy self, pottering around behind us.

The Best of January
Roaring fires, crocheted blankets, snowdrops in jars, birds hopping through the hedges, pots of tea, curling up with books, bulbs peeking through the ground, fresh bread from the oven, candles on the windowsills, occasional winter sunshine, gentle mists, and knitted socks.
All my love,

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Welcome 2019!

The New Year was welcomed in our little corner of the earth, not with a bang, but with a whispered 'Happy 2019' as we were cosily tucked into bed away from the darkness and frost outside.

We have never had resolutions per say,  however the clean slate that a new year brings seems like a gift sometimes.
This year, I am going to attempt to documenting our little farm,  the seasons as they fall, hidden pieces of Ireland, and our slow life making our natural goods in Tinnock.
I am aware that the only people reading this will be my parents (Hi Mum and Dad), but follow along if you are interested, and hopefully Tinnock will give you the same happiness that it brings to us.
Here is to a great 2019!