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Back during Summer, my friend Ana took some photos of me out in my favourite place, my garden.  I am not one to enjoy getting in front of the camera, but I can look at my garden all day long! It is my sanctuary, my frustration and my proudest achievement all in one.  What started out as a small square of herbs on a bit of boggy ground has turned into a field full of vegetables and flowers that provides for us all year round. Nasturtiums and beans race each other up the trellis, strawflowers sway in time with the raspberries, lettuce and leeks are kept in line by towering marigolds, and dahlias look down their nose at the parsnips and beets below. Breadseed poppies, borage, fennel and calendula freely self seed where they choose, only kept back by thick layers of hay for pathways. My garden changes gently with the seasons, bursting to life in the new year with spring growth, a riot of lime green from the trees and the telltale yellow of the daffodil before quickly becoming blanketed wit

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