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Looking back over the flowers of 2019

A new day, new decade, and a new page of the book of life in Tinnock.
The first day of 2019 was spent taking stock of all we have and looking back over the photos of 2019. January is that exciting time of planing, growing charts, planting guides, and trawling through catalogues to see what new variety of runner beans to grow! But first, here are a few photographs of what bloomed through the year. 

My sunshine girl Lily with some Rudbeckia

Our vegetable garden in the height of summer, brimming with life.

Fluffy peony poppies, seeds dried and saved for planting again.

The salad patch with garden peas on the trellis, perfect place for an afternoon snack.

 There is no such thing as too many sweet peas, these ones are trained to a hazel teepee. 

Jars of flowers from the girls roadside flower stall. 

An arrangement by Mae, an ode to colour and smell.

Sweet Cosmos is a staple of any garden, and a favourite of our bees.

A seasonal arrangement in front of the herb garden
Bob and Maisy, my garden companions, help pick off the bugs and slugs from the leaves and gently turn the beds.

A beautiful rainbow of nasturtiums. Grown for the bees and insects, and to garnish salads and cakes. 


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